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The purpose of A & D Inc is to eradicate Child Abuse, Sexism & Racism in that order.

The protection of children will entail abolishing the barbaric and arhaic corporal punishment as a form of discipline. Using the old adage “spare the rod spoil the child” creates a platform on how some children deal with conflict resolution while eroding away the trust in their parents, and sending a message that hitting or being hit is ok as long as the person says their doing it out of love.

The purpose of Axons and Dendrites is to Build a network of communication amongst all the citizens in the World, (Everywhere and Everyone). Building Educational Research facilities throughout the World in communities both accessible and remote regardless of Race, Creed or Culture. 

Facilities called Neurons : The Neuron- An Educational/Research Facility Built in the World’s most depressed neighborhood using Green Technology (Solar, BioMass, Wind and Hydro Powered- Self Sustained 24 Hour Facility) Members of the community will be trained and hired by professionals of each Trade to build this and other facilities throughout the World. 

Oswald Van Egbert Bunbury Jr., NeuroBiology MS